Asan Trading Co Ltd with expertise partners and staff in almost all the Iran , China , Germany , Dubai , Turkey with years of Bright Experience in Customs and consulting Customs problems and solutions has been able to provide successful services to the some of well-known Industrial units, and companies with lowest price and fast processing time.

We also can provide custom clearance services Through our partners in Turkey and Dubai customs.

  1. Register purchase order and currency transfer
  2. Receive warehousing receipt and shipping documents
  3. Provide declare letter
  4. Make necessary customs fee payment and related taxes
  5. Receive necessary quality standard Inspection certificates for all products
  6. Make temporary transit service alongside with export services
  7. Provide necessary certificates from related organizations
  8. Provide complaint letter to customs decisions and reject extra unreasonable fees
  9. Send request in order to return document to committee and provide necessary proofs in order to change vote, (If vote is against customer’s rights)
  10. Stuffing cargo and deliver in cargo owners warehouse
  11. Keep integrity and does not share products information with others
  12. Responsible for security of cargo
  13. Keep precision, speed and honesty in all our processing
  14. Update customer about latest status of process