importation process depends on type of product and projects is different and usually differes based on preperation of products and shipping and customs clearence

different kinds of products including consumer products or spare parts or machinary and production lines all can be imported through our company as long as there is not obstacles regarding legally customs clearence in destinations

yes of course , our company can make inspection and confirm validity of your supplier and make purchase based on your requirements

the process of transfering money through valid exchange companies for us dollar and Euro transfers usually takes 5 working days and for other currencies usually takes single working day

No , unfortunately we do not send samples which is in retail amount . Our company only handles products and machinary which is values more than 10000 usd and weight more than 100 kg

our company with 9 years of experience and with legal representative branches in iran , china and germany is able to sign legal contracts with customers in order to reserve their rights . All our contracts can be legally pursued

shipping process based on being done by air or sea or trucks differes 5 to 7 days for air freights and 25 to 28 days for sea freights

duration for registering order based on differents majors includings reçeiving necessary approvals from ministry of commerce and industry and how fast the process develops differes from 20 to 25 days and customs clearence process takes around 20 days

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